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Jumat, 24 September 2010



4 minutes - For Muzik

01 For Muzik.mp3
02 MUZIK.mp3
03 Hot Issue.mp3
04 What a girl wants.mp3
05 Funny.mp3
06 Won't Give You.mp3
07 Hot Issue (Remix).mp3

4Minute - Hit Your Heart

01 Who's Next (feat. BEAST).mp3
02 HuH.mp3
03 Invitation.mp3
04 I My Me Mine.mp3
05 Bababa.mp3
06 Highlight.mp3
07 Cool and Natural.mp3

4Minute - I My Me Mine (Japanese Version)

02 Goodbye.mp3

4minute - Muzik (Japanese version)

01 MUZIK (Japanese Version).mp3
02 Hot Issue.mp3
03 MUZIK.mp3
04 MUZIK (Inst.).mp3
05 Hot Issue (Inst.).mp3

4minute - Superstar

01 Superstar.mp3
02 Superstar (Inst.).mp3

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